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Goals of the Project

1. To accelerate the English acquisition of students.

2. The students will create projects,videos,podcasts and other materials for the IPODS while reinforcing language skills.

3. The students can utilize the IPODS at home,during weekends and during vacations so they can reinforce English language skills.

4. To improve communication between home and school by having the students share content with their family members.

5. Other teachers in other courses will be able to add content to the IPODS to supplement and reinforce content like,science,social studies and language arts.

SAISD joins ELL in this initiative.
Lanier High School began the iLEARN project spring 2010 with Teacher Liz Buckelew taking the lead in this pilot program.
This year Whittier Academy was added to the iLEARN pilot program with Teacher Kelly Manuel in the lead..

Workshop I

Workshop II

iPod Program Costs

Classroom Management Tools




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