The ePath Learning Management System enables you to register for professional learning sessions being offered in instructor-led, as well as online workshops offered by the San Antonio ISD. You can also track and print certificates for professional learning that you have participated in.

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ePath Training Materials/Quick Reference Guides
  1. Important Information: Attendance and ITLS Workshop Policies
  2. Canceling a Class, Joining a Wait List, Confirming a Class
  3. Logging in to ePath
  4. Seaching for a Class
  5. Selecting and Registering for a Class
  6. Taking the Evaluation, Printing your Certificate, Viewing your Transcript
  7. * How to print your transcript and certificates

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Important Information: Attendance and ITLS Workshop Policies


Since we value your attendance at professional development sessions, please know that beginning in June, 2004, all attendance will be shared electronically with your immediate supervisor. We want to ensure that not only will you get a certificate to show evidence of attendance, but also that your supervisor will know what talented staff they have on campus. Before driving out to a training site, you are encouraged to VERIFY CLASS REGISTRATION.

This will allow you to see if a workshop has been cancelled. Also, note that our procedure in the event of a workshop cancellation is to do the following:
  • Notify you via email to your work address advising you that the class has been cancelled.
Please be aware that participants may not bring others (friends, relatives, children) to training; seats are reserved for registered participants only. Children should also not be left unattended while participants attend a workshop.

Policy for Paraprofessionals

Instructional Technology is now welcoming paraprofessional staff to attend training. Important points to keep in mind:
  1. Paraprofessionals need to attend on your own time
  2. No payment will be made by ITLS for any workshops that you attend on your own time
  3. If your campus principal mandates that you attend training, it is up to you and the principal to make payment arrangements.

Course Cancellation and Minimum Enrollment

Instructional Technology Services adheres to the policy that every workshop session must have a minimum of 5 participants for face-to-face instruction and 5 participants for online courses. If, on the day of the workshop, four or less participants are present in a face-to-face course or 5 or less participants are present in a online course, the class will be cancelled.

All workshop materials, however, will be made available to the participants. Copies of all workshop session materials are made available via the ITLS web site at http://saisdepath.pbworks.com/