SciTech: Using Technology in Science

Workshop Overview

This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the possibilities of using technology in science. Participants will learn how to find resources and create activities using technology to enhance their science lessons in the classroom.

Presented by:
Stephanie Ratliff
SAISD Instructional Technology
(210) 527-1400 ext. 124


In this workshop, you will:
  1. View ways technology is used in science (Evolution of Technology - 10 minutes)
  2. Review ways to use technology in science (Classroom Examples - 40 minutes)
  3. Evaluate resources for classroom use (Useful Links - 60 minutes)
  4. Discuss classroom implications (It's your turn! - 15 minutes)
  5. Brainstorm activities for the classroom (Think, Pair, Share - 10 minutes)
  6. Share a lesson possibility using a specific technology tool (Think, Pair, Share - 5 minutes)

ISTE Standards

This workshop will help teachers accomplish the following standards:
  1. Technology Operations and Concepts - Teachers demonstrate a sound understanding of technology operations and concepts. Teachers: B. demonstrate continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies.
  2. Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences - Teachers plan and design effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology. Teachers: B. apply current research on teaching and learning with technology when planning learning environments and experiences.
    C. identify and locate technology resources and evaluate them for accuracy and suitability.
    D. plan for the management of technology resources within the context of learning activities.
    E. plan strategies to manage student learning in a technology-enhanced environment.
  3. Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum - Teachers implement curriculum plans, that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning. Teachers: A. facilitate technology-enhanced experiences that address content standards and student technology standards
    C. manage student learning activities in a technology-enhanced environment.
  4. Assessment and Evaluation - Teachers apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies. Teachers: B. use technology resources to collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning.
  5. Productivity and Professional Practice - Teachers use technology to enhance their productivity and professional practice. Teachers: B. continually evaluate and reflect on professional practice to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of student learning.
    C. apply technology to increase productivity.
    D. use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community in order to nurture student learning.

Evolution of Technology in Science


Reference: Evolution of Science and Technology

Think, Pair, Share- Create your timeline of using technology in science

My Timeline for Technology in Science

Science Notebooks

Technology- Online Journal (moodle)
Example: Middle School Journals
*Username and Password Required

Science Videos

Technology- Student Created Videos/podcasts (moviemaker, photostory, imovie)
Example: Global Warming

Science Research (paper/pencil)

Technology- WebQuests
Example: Planet WebQuest

Classroom Examples

Science Moodle Lessons

Middle School Journaling

Elementary Science Links

High School Biology


Bill Nye

Discovery Education

Your Turn

Create your own science safety video

Storyboard, Film, Share

Think, Pair, Share

NASA Explorer School Program

What would be benefits to being in this kind of program?

What would be drawbacks?

What support would you expect?

Is it realistic to have in our school district?



Museum of Unnatural Mystery

Science Monster

Strange Matter

The Virtual Insectary

Energy Quest

Discovery Kids


Amusement Park Physics


Lesson Connections

Google Earth

Online Stopwatch

National Science Foundation - Classroom Resources