Qwizdom's technology is designed to engage everyone in the classroom, whether you are a student or the teacher. Watch as your students become inspired, engaged, and motivated while using Qwizdom's software, data collection tools, and RF hand held remote systems.

The benefits of using Qwizdom equipment for interactive assessments and voting:
  • Combines response system interactivity, customized presentations, formative assessments, and online reporting into one complete solution.
  • Inspires, motivates, and empowers each individual student.
  • Offers a variety of remote types; including rechargeable and ability for text input.
  • Displays right/wrong feedback.
  • Allows students to discreetly ask for assistance.
  • Engages through the use of Qwizdom’s interactive learning games.

Qwizdom's range of interactive classroom solutions are designed to engage and motivate students while giving the teacher the tools to monitor and record student progress. Qwizdom’s Student Response System; (SRS), sometimes referred to as Classroom Voting Systems or Clickers, utilize advanced Radio Frequency technology which integrates with Qwizdom curriculum software; and other software programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint®.

Various Qwizdom Products:

  • Student Response Systems – Systems for Primary, Secondary and Higher education
  • Q7 Tablet – Portable interactive whiteboard tools
  • DC 100 Document Camera – Dynamic video capture and instructional tools
  • Qwizdom Connect software – Full-scale assessment and instruction solution
  • Qwizdom Connect Online – Access thousands of free lessons, activities, presentations, pictures and videos that have been created by Qwizdom's curriculum team and your peers!
  • Qwizdom ReadySet Curriculum – Grade level and subject specific curriculum that addresses every standard
  • ReadySet...Achieve Professional Development – Programs in technology and classroom strategies to enhance the learning experiences of all students
  • WizTeach – Interactive teaching tools including annotation, drawing, math, language arts, video capture and more
  • Qtopia – Free online access to thousands of ready-to-use activities, motivating games, avatar features, 24/7 online homework access with automatic grading, and in-classroom review modes.

Hardware Support

Q2 Student Remote Index Card
Q4 Student Remote Index Card
Q5 Student Remote Index Card
Q5 Instructor Remote Index Card
Q6 Participant Remote Index Card
Q7 Presenter Tablet Index Card
Q7 Presenter Tablet User Guide
DC100 Document Camera

Connect User Guides and Flash Video Tutorials

User Guides in PDF Format:

Qwizdom Connect 1.0 User Guide
Qwizdom Connect 2.0 User Guide
Qwizdom Connect Quick Start Guide

Curriculum Free Resource Packages Available Through Qwizdom Connect:

With free premade interactive curriculum resources available online through Qwizdom Connect software, Qwizdom can help liven up any activity or lesson while making teaching easier! Choose from thousands of free lessons for everything from 1:1 object number correspondence to high school chemistry. Click »here to visit Connect Online to preview all Qwizdom Content.

Overall Free Curriculum Resources Offer:
  • Hundreds of thousands of question/answer sets.
  • Free lessons and quizzes.
  • Detailed photographs, illustrations, and animations.
  • Great learning games like Baseball, Fast Track, Quandary, and Mission to Mars.

Math Resources
Example Lesson: Intermediate Math/Rigid Motions
external image MLessonEXweb-sm.png
Example Question Set: Intermediate Math/Rigid Motions
external image MathEXWeb1-sm.png

Math Resource Titles
  • Math (Spanish)
  • Primary Math
  • Math Shape, Space, Measurement
  • Intermediate Math
  • Algebra I & II (Gr 7-12)

Science Resources
Example Lesson: Chemistry
external image SLessonEXweb-sm.png
Example Question Set: Chemistry
external image SciEXWeb1-sm.png

Science Resource Titles
  • Earth Science (Gr 6-10)
  • Life Science (Gr 7-9)
  • Physical Science (Gr 7-10)
  • Chemistry (Gr 10-12)
  • Physics (Gr 10-12)

Language Resources

Example Lesson: Primary Language Arts
external image LALessonEXweb-sm.png
Example Question Set: Primary Language Arts
external image LAEXWeb1-sm.png

Language Resource Titles
  • Primary Language Arts Series (K-3)
  • ESL
  • French
  • Spanish

Social Studies Resources
  • U.S. History (Gr 9-12)
external image HLessonEXweb-sm.png

Other Resources
  • Technology
external image TechLessonEXweb-sm.png

Actionpoint User Guides and Flash Video Tutorials

User Guides in PDF Format:

Qwizdom Actionpoint Quick Start Guide
Qwizdom Actionpoint Full User Guide

Actionpoint Flash Video Tutorials:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have downloaded Actionpoint but I get a .NET 3.5 Error when I am trying to install?
A. The download version of Actionpoint requires an internet connection to install the software if your computer does not already have .NET 3.5 installed. During the install process .NET3.5 will be downloaded and installed before the Actionpoint installer starts.
If you are connected to the internet and still receive an error or the install seems to be frozen after a long period of time, you can download and install .NET 3.5 yourself from here and then install Actionpoint again, it will now skip this step.

Q. I have installed Actionpoint but I do not see a toolbar in PowerPoint?
A. - If you are using Office 2007 the toolbar will appear in the “Addins” tab at the top.
If you had a previous version of Actionpoint installed you must uninstall it from add/remove programs menu, and delete the installation folder "…\Qwizdom\Qwizdom Actionpoint" before installing Actionpoint.
Open your downloaded zip file and find the folder “KB908002” run each of the three files contained in this folder and try Actionpoint again.

Q. Everytime I run Actionpoint I see a ‘Just in Time Debugger’ message?
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Tools -> Internet Options
  3. Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  4. Check and Ensure that ‘Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)’ AND ‘Disable Script Debugging (Other)’ are both selected
  5. Click OK and run your presentation again
Q. I am running the Actionpoint games and after the game intro I just see a white screen?
A. The white screen you are seeing is the first slide of your presentation. The Actionpoint games are just a wrapper around your presentation to display the results in a different way.
Q. Can Interact software be networked?
A. This depends on what you mean… the software can run a file across the network and store its results on a network drive - yes.
Q. Can it be remotely installed on a number of workstations across a network or does it require a named specific computer which has manually had the software installed upon it?
A. Yes and no - Yes it can be installed over the network using the .MSI file (DoNotRun.msi) although doing so will mean the drivers, .NET 3.5, and Microsoft Hotfix are not installed - therefore the software, although installed, would not work.
If the computers have .NET 3.5 already installed - and you roll out the .MSI across the network then chances are* they will be fine for marking up slides etc - but as they are lacking the drivers you would be unable to present from them without some further playing.
*if it does not work you will need the KB908002 hotfix