Welcome to the Tutorials and Resources page. Here you will find a wealth of print tutorials, as well as online video, for a variety of programs and initiatives in SAISD. You will also find workshop resources, including workshop agendas and more.


    1. Online Workshop Agenda & Materials
    2. Video Tutorials and How-Tos
      1. Blogging and Podcasting
      2. Gradebook and Attendance Tracking System (GATS)
      3. Moodle
      4. iDataPortal*
      5. Getting/Recording Videos on the Web
      6. SubFinder WebConnect
    3. Print Materials
    4. Gradebook and Attendance Tracking System (GATS)
    5. Web 2.0 Tutorials
    6. Windows PC Tutorials
      1. MS Office
      2. MS Outlook and Web Outlook
    7. Macintosh Tutorials
    8. Videos to Watch

==Online Workshop Agenda & Materials==
(in alpha order)

  1. Digital Storytelling with PhotoStory 3
  2. Diigo the Web
    1. Getting Started with Delicious.com (a competitor to Diigo)
  3. Download a la Mode
    1. File Management
    2. Protecting Your Privacy
    3. Protecting Your Computer Against Malware and Viruses
    4. Working with CDs/DVDs
  4. Grabbing Media Off the Web
  5. Introduction to Moodle

==Video Tutorials and How-Tos==
(in alpha order)

===Blogging and Podcasting===
  1. Google Reader in Plain English
  2. RSS in Plain English
  3. Converting WMV to MP4 Video
  4. Converting WMA to MP3 Audio
===Gradebook and Attendance Tracking System (GATS)===
  1. Logging into GATS
  2. Changing or Updating your Teacher Password
  3. Recovering your Forgotten Password
  4. Entering Comments for Grade Reporting Periods
  5. Official Attendance Window
  6. No Shows
  7. How to take Attendance - New!!
  1. Basic Moodle Icons
  2. Edit your Profile and Upload your Picture
  3. Adding a Journal
  4. Adding a Calendar
  5. Adding Resources
  6. Adding a Survey
  7. Viewing Survey Results
  8. Exporting ExamView Questions, Import into Moodle Quiz
  1. Logging into iDataPortal
  2. iDataPortal Sections
  3. Demographics Section
  4. Assessments Section
  5. Parent Portal Section
  6. iDataPortal PowerPoint Presentation
*When clicking on the video tutorial, be prepared to enter your username and password. The videos are currently being edited, so may not appear automatically. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Please feel free to contact Stephanie Correa, scorrea2@saisd.net for more information

===Getting/Recording Videos on the Web===
  1. Get YouTube Videos with Zamzar.com/URL
=== ===

===SubFinder WebConnect===

==Print Materials==

==Gradebook and Attendance Tracking System (GATS)==

  1. Presentations (Powerpoints)
    1. Elementary Presentation
    2. Secondary Presentation
  2. Manuals
    1. Administrators
    2. Teachers
    3. PK-Kinder-Headstart
    4. Attendance/Data Clerks
    5. Mass Activation
  3. Quick Reference - For Teachers
    1. Logging In
    2. Forgot Password
    3. Progress Reports and Comments
    4. Verify and Change Grades
    5. Modifications
  4. Quick Reference - For Administrators
    1. Leave of Absence
  5. Timelines
    1. 2010-2011 Grading Cycles
==Web 2.0 Tutorials==

  1. Converting Audio and Video to Usable Formats - Format Factory and Switch Tutorial
  2. Podcasting Tutorial
  3. Voicethread Tutorial
==Windows PC Tutorials==
Please note that all tutorials are for 2003. You are encouraged to take advantage of the IT Academy tutorials.

===MS Office===
  1. MS Word
  2. MS Publisher
  3. MS Powerpoint
  4. MS Excel
  5. MS Access
=== ===
===MS Outlook and Web Outlook===
  1. MS Outlook (used by Administrators)
    1. Tutorial for MS Web Outlook (including how to change your password)
    2. Chapter 4 of the MS Outlook Tutorial
    3. Personal Folders in MS Outlook
==Macintosh Tutorials==

  1. Understanding Macs
  2. CD Burning
  3. MS Office for Macintosh
    1. Powerpoint
    2. Entourage
    3. MS Word
== ==
== ==
==Videos to Watch==
Check out this great collection of education videos. You'll need VLC Media Player to watch most of them.
  1. Cowboys Herding Cats
  2. Did You Know.mp4 (original)
  3. Digital Students_Analog Schools.mov
  4. Electing a U.S. President
  5. LOTI - Turn Up the HEAT with Dr. Chris Moersch
  6. LOTI - Turn Up the HEAT with Melissa Ramos
  7. Skype - Brian Lamb
  8. Stuck on the Escalator.mov
  9. The Networked Student
  10. Time to Learn
  11. Walkthroughs.flv
  12. We Think