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Don't Burn IT ! Build High school
You are part of an elite engineering team, personally invited by the Indian government, to participate in a major competition to design a new bridge for the city of Calcutta, or Kolkata. If your design is selected, your team will receive professional acclaim; and you will help to advance this growing city. The currently standing Howrah Bridge (or Rabindra Setu) has become one of the worldís busiest bridges and a symbol for the city of Kolkata as well as the state of West Bengal. You have an opportunity to rival the Rabindra Setu in engineering genius and urban efficiency.
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Step Right Up 4-5 Your school is trying to raise money to build a brand new playground! The principal has decided to hold a carnival in order to raise the money needed. Each class is responsible for planning a different part of the carnival. Your class has been chosen to create the games! It is up to you to create games that will cost the least money to make, but will give the most money back to the school. So, step right up and let's get started!
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Mad Scientist 6-9
On this journey you will discover what it was like to be some of the most influential scientists in history. You will walk in the shoes of scientists such as: Sally Ride, Copernicus, and Gregor Mendel. I hope you brought some of your math and science skills because you will need them as you solve some science mysteries. Now, grab your lab coat and goggles as you prepare to begin your expedition as a scientist!!
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Dinosaurs K-2-Travel back through time to learn about dinosaurs! The purpose of this expedition is to learn about prehistoric life! Learn about the size, shape, movement, and food of dinosaurs.

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Using Area and Perimeter to Build a House 5-7
You have been selected to design a get-away house for you and a friend.

To get ready for this special assignment, you and your partner must be sure that you have the skills that you, the architects, will need. A solid understanding of area and perimeter is required. Once you show mastery through graph paper drawings, you will design and draw the floor plan for a small house. Then you will determine how much carpet you will need in two rooms and how much fencing you will need to go around your yard to make sure your dog doesn't get away while you are at school. Your final product will be a floor plan and a drawing of how your house will look from the front.
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Travel Money 3-6 Have you ever had a vacation that lasted longer than your money? Unless money is no object, budgeting the amount you will need to spend on transportation, meals, lodging and recreation is the first step in creating a successful trip.

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Quilting Our Way Through Geometry 2-5 Do you have a quilt, afghan, or blanket that was made by a grandmother, a great-grandmother, or someone else special to you? It makes you feel special, doesn't it? Quilts are important for several reasons. They tell history. They are family heirlooms. Quilts even keep us warm. Quilts also have many geometric qualities. Today you will venture into the world of quilting in order to learn more about geometry.

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