Got Carts?

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The one hour workshop will introduce your staff members to the instructional capabilities of using laptops in the classroom and/or computer labs to enhance classroom instruction. Each workshop will begin with an explanation of the laptops and its parts along with helpful tips in maintaining its usability. The remainder of the workshop will provide possible ways to use the laptops on your campus.

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**Workshop Email**

How do I get this great workshop?

1. First, an administrator (principal, vice principal, or assistant principal) needs to sign up for the workshop in ePath after the laptop carts have been received on the campus.

2. Second, a facilitator from Instructional Technology will contact the administrator to confirm the date. The facilitator will change the workshop title to reflect the campus location and notify the principal when teachers are able to register for the workshop.

3. Third, at least five staff members need to sign up for workshop.

Helpful Hints:

  • Sign up for the workshop after laptop carts have been received on the campus.
  • A facilitator will contact the campus administrator to verify date and time of training.
  • Administrators should sign up for the workshop in ePath.

If you have any questions regarding the process or the workshop, please feel free to contact:

Sue Harris

Stephanie Correa

Claude Ascolese

Office of Instructional Technology
406 Barrera St.