Electronic Resources

October, 2010 Announcement: Please be aware that Windows 7 is the new District standard. As a result, if software listed below is not compatible with Windows 7 operating system, it will NOT be supported. Owners of such software should make every effort to upgrade to a Windows 7 compatible program. Please refer questions to the SAISD Office of Operations and Systems Integration at 210-244-2900.

Approved Resources

Purchasing New Software or Web-based Services?
Be sure to follow this process.

  1. Complete the Electronic Resources Review Request Form (Updated 08/18/2010;3:35 PM). Be prepared to provide a copy of the software (trial copies are obtainable from the vendor) and a list of computer system requirements, even if this is a web-based service.
  2. If your software will need to be installed on campus computers, or if the web-based service you are selecting requires plug-ins, you will need to complete a Project Request for Technical Support form. The benefit of this form is that it is submitted to the SAISD HelpDesk and machines specified can actually be setup remotely. This can greatly speed up setup and installation of software necessary for your program or web-based service.

About the Review Process

Software and educational web sites are continuously reviewed for instructional use in the District. Due to limited resources and time, it is imperative that investments be made in software, equipment, and web-based resources that are directly linked to the District’s Curriculum and Instructional Scope and Sequence documents and are included in the District’s standardized list of electronic resources. Advance planning and anticipation of technical and other requirements speeds implementation once it begins.

Prior to purchase, per Administrative Procedure E35, all software and/or web-based services to be used with campus/district technology equipment are required to go through this process.


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Miguel Guhlin at 527–1400 or via email at “mguhlin@saisd.net”