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Status as of 03/07/2011: Reporting features are currently available in iDataPortal. If you are experiencing any problems retrieving reports, please contact Marcos Zorola mzorola@saisd.net.


This initiative is designed to support district and campus leaders concerned with leveraging Apple’s iPod Touch to achieve the following broad goals:

  • Enable administrators to learn how to best use the iPod Touch in K-12 education settings.

  • Facilitate sharing of “wise practices” in regards to the iPod Touch for administrator and leader support.

  • Enable administrators to easily access campus/district data at point of need, including student information as well as podcasts and critical memos.

  • Collect and disseminate data from appraisal and administrator walkthroughs.

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Contact Information:

Marcos Zorola
Chief Information Officer
Phone: (210) 244-2900