Making It Happen”is an award of recognition that highlights the dramatic role those individuals in San Antonio ISD are having on the learning process in our schools. This program is to acknowledge those special individuals whose commitment and innovation to technology has made a profound impact in our schools. The focus of the “Making It Happen”program is on awarding individuals for their significant contribution to technology and encouraging them to continue their work. SanISD has a large group of individuals who are “Making It Happen”in our district and our classrooms every day. The Making It Happen Award is to recognize school administrators, classroom teachers, or campus leaders who are Making It Happen. Recipients of the “Making It Happen”awards are individuals who:

  1. Apply available technology now

  2. Loti Sniff test Level 3

  3. Realize that teacher empowerment is the key element to technology integration,

  4. Move forward and don't look back

  5. See students as real people

  6. Teach through relationships, inspiring, encouraging, nurturing

  7. Recognize that further change is necessary, but understand that it is a process

  8. Expect success

  9. Motivate through awareness and access to information

  10. Shares knowledge with others

Include an application online

Anyone can nominate.

ITLS Coordinators’ choose a monthly recipient