Campus Technology Representatives (CTRs)

Providing a line of communication between the Office of Instructional Technology Services and SAISD Campuses.

2011-2012 School Year

2010-2011 School Year

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The Role of the CTR

One of the most-oft asked questions I get is, "What is the role of the Campus Technology Representative?" Here are a few expectations:
  1. Remember your role is to listen and communicate information ideas, sharing your unique campus' perspective at the meetings and on behalf of your campus.
  2. When important tasks come up at CTR meetings, the expectation isn't that YOU will get it done all by yourself. Share the need and tasks with your principal, with your campus leadership team or campus technology committee so that the campus is aware of what needs to be done. The expectation is that the campus will develop a plan for getting the tasks completed or the needs met.
  3. After every CTR Meeting, I will make the effort to summarize what was discussed at the meeting and share it via email with you and your campus principal.
  4. The most important aspect of your CTR role isn't just to share information provided by the District, but also, to engage the District in dialogue about what is happening (or not) at your campus.

I appreciate your hard work as a Campus Technology Representative (CTR) and I hope you will not hesitate to make contact if you have questions or need clarification. My email is "" and my phone number is 210-527-1400external image icon48.pngexternal image icon48.png.

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